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32 Oz Tumbler With Lid And Straw

Introducing the perfect way to enjoy wine while living life off the down low - our32 oz tumbler with lid and straw. And don't forget the hello kitty graphics - this tumbler is perfect for any wine-a-lout. In thefrisky, we've got a few different options for you too. The hello kitty logo is easy to find on this tumbler - it's printed directly on the sides. If you're looking for a tumbler that's easy to use and look pretty, give our tumblers with straw a try.

32 Oz Plastic Tumbler With Lid And Straw

The oz tumbler is a great way to have a glass of water or wine without having to take a drink from a glass. The tumbler has a lid that makes it easy to drink from, and the straw makes it easy to eat from. This tumbler is also great for drinking out of. The has a variety of wine brands that you can choose from. The tumbler has a volume of 3. 5 ounces, so it can accommodate most cups or glasses. The tumbler has a cook time of about 3 minutes, so it is easy to clean. The tumbler is a great way to drink wine or water without having to take a drink from a glass.

32 Oz Acrylic Tumbler With Lid And Straw

This 32 oz acrylic tumbler with lid and straw is perfect for mario and the friends! It is also made from plastic and plastic looking which is perfect for that special someone who loves mario games! this is a great beer can inspired tumbler with a skinny tumbler handle and a 32 oz capacity. The tumbler has a strawria business model and is available to free shipping prior to an purchase. this user-friendly beer can is made from durable plastic and features a center drink stylized with the color of your choice. Our lids and straws are made with high-quality materials and are sure to make for a great drinking experience. the 8 oz tumbler is perfect for single or double drinks. This double wall tumbler is insulation and has a lid and straw. It is perfect for cold drinks or open drinks. The cup is made of acrylic and has a 24 oz rating. This cup is also frozen so you can drink it hot.