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Hat Straw

This sombrero Hat from lifeguard is extra wide and will fit any head, it offers a different and is available in different colors.

Straw Hat With Print Under Brim

This Straw Hat is practical for the us summer ladies! It is a high-quality, durable Hat that is designed to keep you warm and help you look your best when gardening, the Straw brim makes it basic to see what you are working on, and the high-quality materials make it noiseless when you are walking around. This is a Hat that is unequaled for men or women, it is a Straw type Hat with a trilby fabric top and a sun cap. The panama short brim floral is in the design and is viewable from the inside, the Hat extends a feel good item about it - it is a nice piece of clothing that will keep you warm this summer. This Hat is best-in-the-class for a day where you want to feel like an 90 s girl, it is an adjustable Straw fed fedora that provides the sun cap logo on the front and is fabricated from 100% organic cotton. This Hat is manufactured of high-quality cloth and is first-rate for any outdoorsman, the outback aztec Straw Hat is fabricated of durable materials that will last for many years. This Hat is a splendid addition to your outdoorsman wardrobe.