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Metal Straws With Case

Make your shopping experience better by bringing your metal straws with you on your next purchase. These cases will keep your straws clean and protected, making your overall shopping experience better.

Foldable Straw

Sucking something alive is not a positive experience.

Retractable Straw

The new retractable straws from this kit are even more convenient when it comes to use. They're not just reusable, but they're also eco-friendly because they use less water to produce just one drink. Plus, the straws are kipling-certified for bravery. this collapsible straws case is perfect for your next party! The straws are hinged in the front so that they can be expanded or contracted to fit the environment, and the handle folds in for taking to your next party. The straws are made of durable metal for your convenience and impairment prevention needs. Finally, the case contains all the criteria you need to make your party complete. the metal straws with case are perfect for taking on your travels. They are sturdy and can collapse for easy transport, making them perfect for on-the-go drinks. Plus, the collapsible reusable straws with case will keep your cup savory fruits refreshing while you drive or go on a walk. the vantic reusable metal straws are a great way to save even more time and money. They are collapsible metal straws which make them perfect for use in public areas like restaurants, cafes, and more. The straws have a case which makes them easy to keep and easy to access.