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Pyrex Glass Drinking Straws

This is a great party piece for your cupboard or home office! These drinking straws are made of durable pyrex glass and are easy to clean. They have a 20 cm long circular straw section and a comfortable fit for your hand. They are easy to keep clean with a liter of water per straw.

Reusable Bent Straws

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Bent Straws

The bent straws from thestrazspot are 4 clear glass pyrex drinking straws with a cleaning brush. They are easy to care for and look good. these pyrex glass drinking straws are perfect for your next birthday party! They are light and easy to put on the wall where you want them and they willalways be a joy to drink from. our 8 oz. And 12 oz. Pyrex glass drinking straws are perfect for your drink this summer. They're lightweight and perfect for stirring your cereal or coffee. They'll last long enough to eat your breakfast too, thanks to their small size and shallow wells. These straws are also non-toxic, so you canally take them anywhere in your home. this article is about drinking straws from a pyrex glass tub. 7 long glass tubing is insert into the tub and finally to the top. The last two length of tubing are made of anodized aluminum and are just right to not cause any problems with the drink. The thickness of the wall makes it easy to take a drink without it sticking to your chin.