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Round Straw Placemats

This unique and unique placemat is top-quality for a fun picnic or wedding center table, the soft, wicker Straw is basic to clean and is excellent for any height table. This design is first-rate for any color or style table.

Straw Table

This Straw table is an outstanding addition to your beach house! It is produced from circular straws and will allow you to relax after a long day at the beach, the table is again 15 diameter and is fabricated of plastic so it is basic to clean. This Round Straw mat set is top-quality for 2 or 2 with friends, the Straw mats are also a fantastic alternative for a home party game. The mats are made of cotton and for a soft, refreshing satisfying feel, they also include 6 straws to help hang the mats. These Straw Placemats are fantastic for keeping your social media readers in check! They are high-quality and well-crafted, with a natural corn Straw design, they are basic to put up and take down, making them exceptional for any use. Round woven Straw Placemats are sensational for any table service occasion, with trims of beading and marquetry around the edges, these Placemats are bit more delicate than what you would find on a regular table surface. Plus, the Round design gives them a modern look, even though they are.