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Straw Visor

Straw Visor hats are top-of-the-line alternative for women who desire to feel stylish and cool in these hats are adjustable to tailor most women's heads, and come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Women's Straw Visor

This women's Straw Visor hat is a peerless outdoors hat that can be folded up for a wide brim, the open top cap makes it a beneficial sun hat. The wide big brim makes it an excellent open top hat, the hat is additionally a good hat to wear for a day out. This Straw sun Visor cap is splendid for suitors who ache for a comfortable andvista-friendly environment, the sun Straw trucker Visor cap is manufactured of 100% recycled materials and is made from durable, yet comfortable, materials. With its adjustable height and natural-looking design, this cap is unequaled for a shopper who wants to feel like a celebrity when they go into the sun, this Straw beach Visor is sensational for a day out! It's packable and can be easily taken on the go. The sun Visor is fabricated of sturdy materials, and it's wide brim makes it fantastic for keeping you warm, the color is ilo is exquisite for any day. The Straw visors are best-in-class way to keep your mg in the sun or rain, they are basic to put on and take off, and are top-of-the-line for driving. The Visor is further a fantastic feature for use the mg while driving.