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Takeya Thermoflask Straw Lid

Takeya the Straw Lid keywords: Takeya the Straw lid, Takeya the Straw Lid is an outstanding substitute to keep your water cold or hot all day long. It comes with a durable holder for your water bottle and straw.

Takeya Thermoflask Straw Lid Ebay

Takeya the Straw Lid is a fantastic alternative to keep your drink warm or cold while you work on a project, it's durable and holds bottles without any problem. The Straw as well a first-class feature because it doesn't create any noise and effortless to take off and on, Takeya the Straw Lid is a sensational addition to your water bottle. This Straw Lid is fabricated of durable plastic and extends a light Straw design, it is likewise straightforward to clean with and send to the market as a product "free of harmful environments". This Straw Lid is produced of durable materials to takeya's concerns with water bottles, it renders a Straw Lid with a thermos flasks system, so you can drink your surrogate through your Takeya bottle. This Straw Lid is a sensational addition to your Takeya gear, and makes a top-of-the-line addition to your home office or workshop, Takeya offers got us covered in regards to a Straw lid. This particular piece of equipment is all about performance and convenience, with the Takeya the Straw lid, we're able to drink our alternative through life's sufferings without having to worry about getting sick. This Straw Lid is manufactured from durable materials and can hold a lot of water making it valuable for travel.