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Tarzan Straws

Tarzan straws are top-grade way to enjoy a hot meal at home - even when you're not available to eat, these delicious pieces of candy and game will make you happy that you get to enjoy your meal even though it's small.

Tarzan Mcdonalds Straws

The vintage mcdonalds toy walt disney Tarzan terk sound straws is unopened and is in top-notch condition, these straws are best-in-class addition to collection. This Tarzan toy is a must-have for any Tarzan fan! It comes with a straw and toy, just like the movie character! The Tarzan sound waves are shaking the fast food chain as mcdonalds employees and laughter, "what's so funny? " one customer asks. "i'm not sure, " comes the answer, then the customer provides the answer: "taro, my friend's son, is going to start his day at mcdonald's. " mip set 3 mcdonalds 1999 Tarzan sound straws disney drinking straw character this Tarzan straws sale includes an 1999 mcdonalds version of the happy meal, four straws, and a third straw, the happy meal was first seen in 1999 and was designed as a marketing campaign tie-in with the movie tarzan.